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Post or Page?

Time to post some new content to the site.
Question is: Should I Add a New Page, or Add a New Post ?

In WordPress, Pages carry static content, content that’s going to stay put over time. Typical examples: About Us and Contact pages.

Posts, are used for dynamic content, pages that display an ever-changing, accumulating series of articles, usually in reverse chronological order. Standard example: blogs, news journals. Posts can be filtered by various different selectors: date, author, category, etc. for different circumstances and purposes.

To see whether to Add a New Page or Add a New Post for your content, look at the Menu Structure ( go to Appearance/Menus/Menu Structure):
— Static Pages are identified as ‘Page’ (I’ve marked with orange stripes the child pages of a main page)
— Dynamic pages (Pages of Posts) are identified as ‘Category’ (I’ve marked these with blue dots)